This old house has
rooms of books and nooks, antique maps and prints and original fine art inspired by the Texas Hill Country.

Our main room features new books with weekly new releases. This is where you can find a compelling collection of books by and about Texans. We strive to maintain a diverse and comprehensive collection of new, out of print, and rare Texas books.
Have a favorite author? Check out our extensive collection of signed books.

Next is Paperback Alley. As the name states this room features everything for your pulp fiction needs during your visit to Fredericksburg.

Now take a step back in time to the original 1890’s house. You will find yourself in a room with early American and European antiquarian books dating from the late 1700’s. Take some time with these books in a comfy leather chair. Enjoy a complimentary cup of gourmet coffee from Fredericksburg Coffee Company.


Our fourth room houses hundreds of collectible volumes from the 19th and 20th century. Lovely sets of authors such as Twain, Dickens, Shakespeare, and Poe, as well as growing collection of First Edition titles. We also have an extensive History collection focusing especially on the Civil and World War Two.

Our fifth room is a lovely old porch with used gardening, house and home and cook books. Or just take a break and play a game of checkers while looking out over the shady rambling yard.


The sixth room features our largest collection of affordable used books, most of which are priced at $5. Book clubs and story times meet here in the comfort of the living room.


Tucked away is the children’s section with new, used and collectable books for kids of all ages. In addition we carry quality puzzles, toys, puppets and classic board games from Melissa and Doug©


Finally, feast your eyes on the Past Perfect collection of antique maps and prints from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth century.